Soaking opal into... (Special Experiment)

Soking pearl into..

Do you know what this is ?

With our previous experiment, which was to soak opals in a lemon juice, orange juice, vinegar and red wine, nothing has affected to opals.
In this 'Special Experiment', we'd like to try the same method with 'Pearls'.

As you may know, pearls are composed mainly of Calcium and it is very sensitive to acids. Well, let's find out how weak it is, and what sort of reaction will it show compare to opal ?

We have 2 pearls here, each goes into an orange juice and a vinegar.


Pearl into Vinegar

Orange Juice

Pearl into Orange Juice

As we did with opals, we'll put pearls into a little bottle.

Pearl in the Orange Juice

It is sinking into an orange juice

and another into a vinegar.

Pearl in the Vinegar

With a vinegar, you can see the reaction straight away !!
Look at these little bubbles !

Left them over night...

Pearl into Orange Juice

With a pearl in orange juice, its surface has all wrinkles and the luster has gone completelly.

And a pearl in vinegar...

Pearl into Vinegar

Its external structure has completelly been damaged and when we try to pick it up by a tweezer it's just peeled off !!

And let's leave it for another day...

Pearl into Orange Juice

A pearl in an orange juice, has no longer appears to be a 'Pearl' anymore...

And the one in vinegar,,,

Pearl into Vinegar

The pearl's lost its luster as well as the pearl layer's peeled off.

So, what do you think ?

This 'Special Experiment' has proven us that pearls are very very delicate to acids.

Nobody will dip their pearls into an orange juice or vinegar for fun, but if incident happens then you should know what to do immediately !

Sure you don't want your pearls to end up just like one in this experiment...

At the restaurant, if you're eating salad and spilled its dressing on your paerl ring. Please do something immideately. If you are not going to do something soon enough, your pearl will become like above !!

We know that pearls are quite delicate and needs to be cared for, but never thought this much SENSITIVE to acids !

Look at the difference in results comparing 'Opals' to 'Pearls'.

The point here is not about whether opal is better or a tougher gemstone than others or not. we'd just like to show you that each gemstone has its special beauty, the strength or its weakness. So please remember that acid or alcohol might ruin some gems and for other, it might not.

The most important point is 'how you can enjoy wearing jewellery'. And at the same time, you need to consider your total cordinate with fashion, the scene you'll be wearing at, how to care for and so on...

We truly hope that our experiments have given you lots of thoughts (could be good or bad) and have given you many ideas of how to look after your beautiful jewellery in a long run.

Much appreciations for your time in reading this, thank you...

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