LIGHTNING RIDGE - Mining Black Opal (2)

Local Opal Shop at Lightning Ridge

A typical street store where you can find very ‘low grade opals’...


Black Opal minig (Grawin, Lightning Ridge)

mining mining mining

An automatic dump hoist, loading a track with opal dirt for the next treatment.

Washing opal dirt

All dirt goes into the ‘concrete mixer’ and washed with water.


Looking for opal in the trailing after washing the dirt.

Black Opal Rough Black Opal Rough

Select only the ‘colorful piece’, carefully cut & polish by the professional opal cutter.

Polished Beautiful Black Opal Unwanted Dirt

The chosen one ! ( Left ), The unwanted amount of dirt... ( Right )

So how was that !!?
If you have a chance to visit Lightning Ridge, I suggest you should have a go for once, with extra cautiousness. It will take about 9 ~ 10 hours drive from Gold Coast.

Sunset at Lightning Ridge

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