Little Experiments

opal experiment

What is myth and truth about opal !
Is it really delicate and fragile gemstone or not ?!?
We might be able to answer something for you here...

Experiment 1
Heat Opals in Microwave !!
Heat up opals in microwave
Will opal show any crack when it's under the heat ? Is it very delicate ??
Experiment 2
Freeze opals !!
Frozen opal
Can you wear opal jewelry in Antarctica ? Well this experiment will answer you all...
Experiment 3
Soaking into... !
Dipped into the vinegar
What happens if you spill food and alcohol on your opal ? Will it get damaged ??
Experiment 4
Your Request !
opal experiment

Any interesting idea ?
More experiments ?

Please send us your request.

Please do not experiment this at home on your quality opal...

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