Boulder Opal Mining Field

【 Quilpie Field 】


Big city in outback with 600 population

Quilpie Area

Quilpie - is another famous boulder opal field. The location of this opal field is about 1000km from Gold Coast, Southwest Queensland.(Quilpie Shire Council) Boulder opal field in this area is known as Yowah, Koroit and Eromanga


From 1880's until now, Yowah has been a major opal mining town. Very peaceful small town with about 100 people and many Emus.

Yowa nuts

Yowah nuts are ironstone concretions resembling ‘nuts’ which contain precious opal in their centre. Upon cracking or slicing the Yowah nut, the precious opal is revealed.

Eromanga mine

It's almost forgotten but Eromanga was one of the most active opal field in 1900's. Eromanga - its meaning is ‘Hot Windy Plain’ in Aboriginal language.

Matrix opal

Koroit is famous for unique Matrix opal.


Queensland Outback

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