5. Conclusion

We have spoken some basic knowledge about the opal. There were many topics we've gone through but the opal is not just a subject for learning here. Opals are here for us to enjoy its beautiful colours and characters that they present to us. We said that the red colour is most valuable but not all people like red. If you prefer blue or violet colour, of course you can select those types of colours. Please select your favorable colour of opal, with its originality.

Some people (especially men) might say all gem is the same as any rock you can find on the road. This is definitely not the case. The process to create gems take millions of years, through heat and pressure from the earth. Knowing this, all gems are extremely rare and are the treasures of our planet, experience and feel the power of the Earth.

We hope you can find the right opal for yourself. If not, we hope we can help you find one. This concludes the chapter of BASIC.

If you would like to know more about opals, please go to ADVANCED. Or you want to know how to make wise selection of the opal, please go to HOW TO

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